Meet The Candidates

North Metropolitan

Daithi is passionate about making WA a global leader in good governance. He moved to WA from Galway, Ireland in 2010 and has since made Perth his home. He works as a business consultant advising mining & technology companies on strategy, planning and hands-on implementation.

He holds a B.Sc. in Mathematical Science and M.Sc. in Communication Systems.

As a communication specialist, having worked across various industries (government, education,
telecommunications & mining) and 5 continents, he recognises that engaging people on the issues in Parliament is the best way to create legislation which works for regular people, and not just powerful lobby groups.

Communication which transcends ideology is the key to unlocking the difficult political issues in our society. By voting for Liberals For Climate – The Flux Network, he believes that all people will have a legitimate stake in governing our beautiful state.

Paul Holliday

Paul Holliday

North Metropolitan

Paul is the founder of The Human Excellence Project – a not-for-profit organisation based in Hillarys committed to building stronger, happier and healthier people.

Rick Tylka


Rick is a supporter of the Flux Network’s broader ambitions to upgrade democracy. 

Danny Bridgewater


Danny is a young digital marketing professional hoping to bring change through digital direct democracy. Danny plans to use his knowledge and interest in the areas of history, economics and politics to learn from the failures of others to improve our system for each and every one of us.

Marilyn Lottering

Marilyn Lottering

East Metropolitan

Marilyn is a full time student studying Psychology. She is passionate about early childhood education and family support services. She believes that being able to vote on policies important to her directly is the next step in a true democratic society.

Keith Pomeroy

Keith Pomeroy

South Metropolitan

Keith is an operations manager and has been a candidate for Flux in 2017. He believes that a form of direct democracy is the best option to make politics more accessible and engaging for people.

Curtis Greening

Mining & Pastoral

Curtis runs a dynamic family business and is excited by the prospect of demonstrating to other young people the power of digital democracy tools.

Mark Bentley

Mark Bentley

South West

Mark is an advisor and coach who is committed to improving society by expanding conversations and decision-making to be as wide-reaching and inclusive as possible.

Peter Turner


Peter is passionate about every persons need to have meaningful input on what laws, rules and regulations govern their lives. Not just to vote in leaders every 4 years, but to be able to participate everyday in those decisions that can have severe and permanent affects on a persons freedoms and future. He believes implementing a direct democracy system will give people the ability to hold government properly accountable to the will of the majority.

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