We are Liberals for Climate

Democracy only works if you use it.

We’re registering for the WA 2021 Election.

We need your help.
Let’s send a message and make a difference.

What is Liberals For Climate?

Liberals For Climate is a political party, an election experiment and a statement on the dysfunction of the Australian political landscape.

As a political statement, it draws attention to one of the most contentious issues of our time – the politics of climate issues.

Help Liberals For Climate appear on the ballot paper by becoming a member. This will draw attention to the failure of our political system to adequately address important issues. Our governments let us down time and time again.

Let’s do something about it!

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What is involved in registering?

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The Western Australian Electoral Commission might contact you next month to verify that you signed up and we’ll let you know in advance before that.

Once registered, we will be in touch with information on our plans to run in the upcoming WA state election in March 2021.

Democracy only works if we participate.

This is an easy way to send a clear message that something needs to change.

If you want to see Liberals For Climate appear on the ballot paper, sign up and be part of something new and important.

Who We Are

Liberals For Climate is administered by members from The Flux Party and is a member of The Flux Network initiative.

The Flux Network intends to connect issues, parties and voters who may feel unrepresented by the major parties.

It involves having elected representatives use forms of Digital Democracy and Semi-Direct Democracy to address political issues in Parliament.