Liberals For Climate - Digital Democracy in WA.

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Together we can bring digital democracy to WA.


Liberals For Climate – The Flux Network is a party with one core objective – providing citizens with the ability to participate on the political decision-making which impacts them.

We do this via our Digital Democracy app – DigiPol.

Vote #1 Liberals For Climate in the upcoming WA election and help us send a message that citizens are ready for real democracy.

Liberals For Climate is making a statement on the dysfunction of the wider Australian political landscape

As a political statement, we draw attention to one of the most contentious issues of our time – the politics of climate issues. We also aim appeal to people who feel unrepresented by the policy decisions of the major parties.


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Connecting real people with their parliament

An open source application brought to you by Flux, DigiPol enables people to view and vote on bills in Australian parliament.

Review the information in the hands of the politicians and make your own decision.

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